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Carsmosis is the world's first truly social automotive directory.  We are a fast-growing specialty Vehicle Directory site and gateway to everything automotive.  The initial concept for Carsmosis was created in late 2008, by Paul Chesher, an online marketing and social media expert in the field of small business, automotive dealerships, and online dating.  After years in the automotive industry, Mr. Chesher decided that he had, had enough with online automotive directories that do nothing but pander to the automotive industry and automotive manufacturers; a change was needed.  Carsmosis has been created to help you, the automotive consumer make informed choices by way of peer reviews, content, and answers - all provided by industry experts, ordinary car enthusiasts, and users like you.

With our extensive Facebook integration and partnerships with companies like Oodle.com, your ads are pushed out to many websites automatically - quickly and easily.  Have a question, get the answer quick with Carsmosis::Answers.  Have a great experience to share, or a terrible one for that matter, share it with the world by reviewing your vehicle.  Tell everyone your personal experience, then share it on Facebook, Twitter, and more. 

Best of all, we are always FREE!  Yep, Free!  While we do offer promoted ads for a small fee (hey, we have to pay the bills), this is 100% optional.  Don't want to spend any money, no problem, we just ask that you tweet, or promote us on Facebook.  - And hey, while you're at it, why not become a fan on Facebook