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American dream of car ownership just got easier with Carsmosis.com

NORTH AMERICA, May 05−Today’s young, hip, technology-focussed drivers now have a powerful, innovative tool for sharing their love of automobiles, not mention finding the perfect car.

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Carsmosis.com, a social automotive directory that is designed to look more like a social networking site as opposed to a standard vehicle directory site, is a user-friendly, free alternative to automotive posting sites such as AutoTrader.com. and Cars.com. Strong integration with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and through partnerships with hundreds of other directory sites such as Oodle.com, Carsmosis ensures our vehicles get in from of as many eyes as possible across the social web.

“We just love cars,” Carsmosis, President and co-founder, Paul Chesher said.  “Sharing that love of cars is one key motivation behind the Carsmosis platform.”

Another motivation is providing a free service in today’s tough economic environment.

"We understand that many people are selling their cars out of necessity, not choice.  We want to help those people by offering a cost-effective alternative sales environment,”

But Carsmosis is not just for sellers, it’s a fun, effective search tool for buyers searching for their dream car and dealerships looking to increase their reach. 

While the primary reason to visit the site is for members to post ads for vehicles they want to sell (searching for vehicles doesn't require a membership), the site offers other features as well. Reviews of vehicles and products are posted by members of the site, and the handy Carsmosis Answers section allows visitors and members alike to ask any question and then select the best answer.

Carsmosis.com is truly a useful site for anyone looking for information on vehicles for sale in their area or for those looking to connect with other fans of their favourite vehicle make and model. And it's totally free!

Looking to sell or buy a car? Just interested in cars? Carsmosis is definitely a click in the right direction.

So go ahead... List Your Vehicle Free Now!